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Yield mgt is a custom project

For the last 15 years, software companies have developed standard software packages for Semiconductor companies, with good success.

We are now at a turning point with companies, this industry has matured, yield analysis and reporting requires an ever increasing number of variables, so the data flows are now so complex, that data management solutions must be highly customized, and analyses must be rewritten to include custom data types. Large customers cannot accept to replace existing infrastructure, or replace existing systems, to add new Yield mgt functionality; the new solutions must be integrated into the existing landscape. Smaller customers without significant existing infrastructure are still willing to adapt to new infrastructure, but the current revenue from these is marginal.

The successful companies in the next years must adopt a services model, by providing field customizable software that can be configured into a true solution by competent field services teams working directly with each customer. This model is well known to the industry in other areas, such as employee management (Peoplesoft by Oracle) or financial management (SAP) or factory automation (Applied Materials), but it is still in infancy for Yield mgt.

As always, times are changing, and those who can adapt will be successful.

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