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Let there be light!

In a dark room, driven by an expert "professor of ophthalmologie", the 3 ton monster came down on my eye, and activated a vacuum hold. The electronic words "suction activated" triggered the laser which would cut a round hole in my cornea, to expose the innards of my eye for later. The suction was then deactivated, and the procedure was repeated for the other eye.

The nurses then rotated the bed, and the fun started again with another 3 ton monster. This time, the laser created a smell of burning flesh, unfortunately mine, bringing doubts about my decision to go through this operation. Seconds later, it was time to close the cornea again, the expert used a soft spatula to press and smoothen the eye surface with a heavy motion that seemed to take forever because of the pain. And the start again with the other eye.

After a sleepless night with painkillers and a towel to wipe the tears, the morning light brought the first confirmation of why I had gone through this: I no longer needed glasses to see my world clearly!

The post-operation check next day proved my vision was good, although blurry from the interface which had not healed yet. Others had not been so lucky, even one lady with a cornea that had become unstuck needed to return to the monster room.

A couple of days later, I can relax and enjoy my new clear vision, with a sensitivity to bright lights that is becoming normal again.

Would I recommend this operation? No, the decision is entirely yours, mine is done and I am happy it's now history.

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