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Cold weather and bikes dont mix well

It was a cold sunday afternoon, I was riding on a well known trail but some sections were covered in ice that I did not see. The skid was uncontrollable, and I was ejected and skidded on ice for 10m. Immediately the pain was everywhere, but thanks to the best protection gear money can buy (even a neckbrace) only one pain point remained, my forearm in an odd shape.

The surgery is finished, multiple fractures of the radius bone close to the left wrist, I was awake for the operation and heard drilling and metal twisting, but apparently all is ok, some internal bleeding and pain killers, I spent 4 days in hospital. After 4 weeks the result can be seen in the photo below, quite an impressive and scary work with a metal plate and screws. More fun in the next weeks to heal and remove some of this.

I'll be storing the bikes in winters now, better to play safe. I'll have more time to work, great!